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We all know that there are a ton of books out there to read, and a lot of them are insanely good. Many great leaders and influencers throughout time have curated list after list of great books to read ranging from sci-fi to motivational self-help books. A lot of books from said folk overlap, some of which you will find here, but regardless they are all solid must-read books if you have not already read them. The list below is in order of my most favorite of my top 5 reads along with why they mean something to me.

Think & Grow Rich (1937 text!) by Napolean Hill

A lot of you have more than likely read the revised version of this book, but I bet very few of you have read the original 1937 text. I have read both the original 1937 edition and the revised edition. While the revised edition is nice to compare to modern day times, the original version read more in the words of Napolean Hill and really helps set the stage of the hustle during the time, which to me, allows you to compare and contrast the hustle from then and now. This is a book that I suggest to frequently read once or twice a year just as a mental refresher.

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

This is another all-time classic favorite by an insanely long list of people, and it is pretty easy to understand why once you read it. I had generally been pretty terrible at dealing with people prior to reading this book, for many reasons (as many of us do). But after giving this a few solid reads (yes, multiple times) I was able to read and understand people better than before allowing me to get myself to the solutions, or resolutions, that I desired. All-in-all this is a fantastic read that will help you not only find that ladder to success but quickly climb it. This too is a book that I suggest to frequently read once or twice a year just as a mental refresher.

Dream Year by Ben Arment

Dream Year was a book that I came across out of pure boredom at the airport a few years ago. After getting just a few pages in I was like “wow, I can relate to a whole lot of this!” and quickly added it to my list of top 5 books to read. I have always been an entrepreneur, a thinker…I make it rain with ideas. A lot of times you can get lost in your day-to-day, whether you work for someone or yourself, and can then forget about great ideas that could change your life. Many have no idea what they want to do in life, and will probably die never knowing. But Dream Year will help jog your memory and extend your mind to help you not only determine what it is that you want to do, but you can do to create that level of success that you have already dreamt about.

Principles by Ray Dalio

I had purchased Principles by Ray Dalio out of pure hype, the marketing got me, I cannot deny that. At first, I did not care too much for the book as a good chunk of it is just about Ray and his past experiences, a lot of which I could not relate to.  But after I finished the book I started finding myself in instances of “wow, that was weird, that reminds me of…” and sure enough, so many elements from Principles started aligning to events in my day-to-day life. It is a book that kind of creeps up from behind and reminds me of what actions, or steps, you can take to achieve your own success. For me, it is the type of book where the more you read it over again, the more that you find. Regardless, it is without a doubt a must-have!

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is an interesting character to me. He has a ton of insight to offer all. of. the. time. But for some reason, not everything resonates with me to become a Ferriss fanboy. Regardless, I have read a few of his other books (also notable reads) along with Tools of Titans. What is so damn great about this book is how each and every interview proves that the most successful people out there are just like you, it is just about safe to say that they too are just an “Average Joe” who just went out and did it. They all have their routines, tactics, systems, and habits that may very well align with the same stuff that you do. Tools of Titans really gives you the inside access to what goes on within these brilliant minds and simply proves that you are just as smart as them, you just have to get out there and do something. The bonus of this book is that it contains a huge list of books that have in some way or another resonated with those interviewed in the book. Do note, this is a big one and takes some time. I like to look at it as a recipe book for success, and you may want to do the same!

And that’s that! I know 2018 is almost over but, all of these books are definitely worth reading into the next year and every year thereafter. Once you have given them a read, hit me up and let’s chat about your findings!